21 Savage - 3AM on Glenwood (Lyrics)


Woah, I get rid of all the smoke like Ozium

Shorty got that real jelly, yeah, petroleum

Niggas actin' like my kids and they be older than him

Can't believe they killed Skinny, I really growed up with him

I'ma leave a lot of niggas covered in roses for him

Spray the witness, I ain't leavin' no Jehovah for them

Won a Grammy and I couldn't even show it to him

Put my face inside a line up, niggas know that I'm him

Anybody speakin' on my brothers got stepped on

Pull up from the three like Stephеn

And the coupe bald-headеd like the other Stephon

Put my kids in private school so they could get they prep on

Think my heart made out of Teflon

What? What? Think my heart bulletproof

You ain't got a mask, I can show you what a hoodie do

Pull the string tight 'til your eyelids covered too

I think they on the left, roll the window, hit the lights, boom

Everybody wish they switched sides when we comin' through

Everybody wish they was inside when we comin' through

I pray that you ain't on the other side when we comin' through

PTSD and I mean it

Nigga, Johnny got killed and I seen it

I can't fight with these demons

Top shotta, nigga, I got gunfire for these demons

Hope you know you gotta stand on all that shit you been tweetin'

Took some real niggas from me, I could kill the whole world and I still won't be even

I be thinkin' 'bout my brothers while I'm shoppin' in Neiman's

Real gangster, when I'm gone, carve my name in the cement

Watch these hoes when you rich, they play games with the semen

Trials and tribulations, I face them

Prosecutors probably wanna case him

See my opps, I jump out and chase them

I ain't Charleston White, nigga, I'll never Mace them

Love for all my artists, nigga, I'll never Mase them

Shit, that's probably why they hate him

Tryna get my brother out of jail, I'm like, "Hey, Kim"

Cut from a different cloth, he never let it break him

Look at my advance, it make me wonder, would I make them?

But I own my masters, so I can't do shit but thank them

Video visits, he be smilin' on FaceTime

Passionate, I'm talkin' with my hands, these ain't gang signs

You don't know Larry, Tayman, or CJ, you ain't one of mine

Braids on my neck, nigga, I ain't got no hang time

Nigga, I ain't got no kick-it for you

I don't wanna make friends

I don't wanna make amends

I'm chasin' M's


Yeah, facts