Polo G - Start Up Again feat. Moneybagg Yo (Lyrics)

[Polo G]


Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang

I got killers in the motherfuckin' cut, bitch

Gang, uh, uh

I be with savages, they is not havin' it

If it's ever a problem, we tackle it

Switch on the chopper, that bitch get to rattlin'

Really hate 'em, gon' shoot up, the candle lit

Lil' mama thick, but just watch how I handle it

Beat up the pussy, I damage it

Passport stamp, fuck the ref how I'm travelin'

Louis by Virgil, my drip is immaculate, uh

Give me a beat, I'm attackin' it, uh

Might catch a B when I'm clappin' it

Opps, they some bitches, we beefin' with actresses

Post in the trap, we got D in the cabinet, uh

She get on her knees when she gaggin' it

Might cop a 'Cat 'cause I beat all 'em challenges

Hundred twenty a show, what I'm averagin'

On the ropes, I ain't fold, I wasn't panickin'

Uh, uh, start up again

She over with, now I'm all in her friends

Two hundred shots, they gon' ball up your mans

Lil Jo keep cappin', he noddin' off Xans, uh

I'm Euro steppin' in France, uh

Drip check, Amiri my pants

Glock a guitar, we gon' rock out like bands

Spin through they block, he get killed where he stand

[Moneybagg Yo:]

I ran up some change, then bust down a chain (Go)

Benjamin, Grants, my pockets got names (Woah)

The Bentley cocaine, that look like the main

A brick of white Forces, same color them thangs (Thirty-six)

I just got booked to go somewhere in Spain (Gone)

Fuck a fiancé, I married the game (I do)

It's really two hundred an occasion, man (Where?)

I'm on the jet eatin' Raising Cane's

They trippin', the grass too high

I don't never be at the house in Memphis (Why?)

I done outgrew the city (Yeah)

Swapped out the digits, these niggas can't hit me (Nah)

Lil' box at the back of the Glock, we got switches (Phew)

Awful Lot of Cough Syrup on my Dickies (Nope)

I'm so picky when it comes to these bitches (Why?)

Bougie gangster chick tote my blicky

Got wifey with me (Hey)

I got a way with these words, I got a way with these hoes

I keep it too thorough (Raw)

Talkin' my shit on a whole 'nother level

I just was over there, I speak for the ghetto

Eight ounces of Wock' in the Faygo, I'm KO

These niggas fake, put together like Play-Doh (Ha)

Uh, uh, drillin' this new ho (Uh)

Ride like a horse so I pass her to Polo (Here)