Polo G - Black Man In America (Lyrics)

Uh, yeah

I guess

I guess, I fuckin' guess

Wanted hood fame 'cause the love different

Mobbin' with the gang, daily drug dealin'

Rappers who to blame for me mud sippin'

Puddle full of pain come from blood drippin'

Just designer shoes, really no ambition

He just savin' for the next club kickin'

Shawty ain't got no morals but a dime or a five, only time we judge bitches

Feel like fuck the world, fuck his enemies

Dead niggas in his lungs hittin'

Nigga, ain't no guidance when them thugs drillin'

Just a bunch of sirens and them slugs spittin'

Mama told me the block gon' always be there

But not if it's gentrified, I'm just reppin' where I was raised

Nigga, I ain't never had me an option to pick a side

Lot of shit changed in the hood when my niggas died

Really don't shed tears but a nigga cry

Whether it's us or police, we get victimized

Angry and ignorant, we never civilized

Fuck a political figure 'cause I'm still a nigga

Can't win me over with a stimulus bribe

Still want me stuck in the system

They hate that we chosen to kill 'em inside

I can't breathe and this mask can't muzzle me

Can't conform and they hate my reluctancy

Yeah, I made it out the hood but it's stuck in me

From the slums, always where the trouble be

Ain't a rapper in my lane that can fuck with me

Man, this whole new generation is under me

Don't know how I can say that shit humbly

Way at the top, I'm just waitin' for company

I mean it's, it's lonely up here, like

It's cold, all type of shit, like

But, nah, for real, though, like

I just really be thinkin' sometimes, I hear myself spittin'

I'm like, "Who can really fuck with me?"

But that's another discussion

Do this shit for my ancestors in them slave fields rockin' corduroys

You can get the picture like a Polaroid

Niggas say we opps and we don't know them boys

When these rappers talkin', I be so annoyed

Say they makin' noise but it's only noise

A confrontation, what I won't avoid

My confidence, that's what they won't destroy

These niggas missed they targets, hit the youth

They ain't tryna bargain, they just shoot

The apple don't fall too far from the tree

Them guns that's loaded like forbidden fruit

Line 'em all up then it's R.I.P., ain't apologizin' in the booth

A prophecy, my life the livin' proof

Give props to me, what I don't hear 'em do

Keep sayin' I'm the G.O.A.T. and they never believe it

Quite frankly, I'm gettin' tired of tellin' you, Cletus

I been on the roll like I'm paraplegic

Way up on the opps, we'll never get even

A lot of sick talk when them weapons be speakin'

Go cry to white chalk 'cause they left him not breathin'

Slave to the block 'cause they chop what they teachin'

That's why we outside in whatever the season

A hundred years ago, they would've hanged us

Before Cuban links, we was chained up

Free the ones, the asset that we pray for

Know a constitution never made us

I'm just waitin' on a revolution

With no fear, I'm older when that day come

Either house nigga or a mansion nigga

That refusing's covered up a pay cut

Fred Hampton

I'm the Deputy Chairman of the State of Illinois Black Panther Party, Fred Hampton

I be teaching that solidarity is a thing

The end of, complete wipe out of imperialism is a thing

So, if you're gon' be thinking about me, that's what Bobby would be teaching

If you're gon' be thinking about, "Ain't no thing about going nowhere, getting killed"

All we want to know is that you're doing what we'd be doing if we were here

And you got to do that

You can't do it unless you believe that you can do it

In the spirit of liberation (In the spirit of liberation)